SoundTrek Jr.

Accessory Compatibility

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Main Features

•60W power amplifier
•Designed for acoustic guitar
•2 microphone / line inputs
•8 on-board digital effects
•List Price $689

Application Info

The SoundTrek Jr. is the first battery-powered amplifier designed specifically for acoustic guitar. Its 6½" woofer and horn tweeter provide outstanding warmth and presence for both guitar and vocals. The SoundTrek Jr. is perfect for acoustic and jazz guitar players, even keyboard players, who need to play outdoors or where AC power is unavailable. Dual inputs let you play and sing, or jam along to a CD or tape track. Built-in digital effects can be applied to one or both channels to sweeten your sound. The internal "top hat" fitting mounts to standard 1 3/8" speaker stands, but we recommend our Ultralight Speaker Stand so you have less to carry. Or make your favorite speaker cabinet portable by plugging it into the external speaker jack.

Detailed Specifications

60W Power Amplifier
•Power amplifier supplies 60W RMS into 4 ohms (internal speaker)

1 Microphone / Line Input
•Inputs feature high-quality, low-noise preamps with an extra-wide range to
12V Phantom Power handle everything from a whispering microphone to a screamin' guitar

1 Mic / Line / Stereo Input
•Left and right stereo inputs (RCA jacks) are summed together into a mono signal

3-Band Equalization
•Equalization allows adjustment of ±12 dB at 80 Hz, 2 kHz, and 12 kHz

Digital Effects Module
•Assign one of 8 different 16-Bit digital effects to one or both input channels

Remote Effects Defeating
•Rear footswitch jack allows remote defeating of internal effects for speaking

Built-In 18 dB Limiter
•Soft limiter with alert LED provides 18 dB of headroom before distortion

Input / Output Bridging Jack
•Bridging jack allows multiple units to share a common preamp output bus

Speaker Output Jack
•Rear speaker jack for external speaker (4 Ohm minimum load). Note: use of this jack will disconnect the internal speaker

High-Quality Sound
•6.5" woofer and horn tweeter provide frequency response of 80 Hz - 18 kHz

12V Accessory Power Jack
•Battery charger jack also provides 12V output power at up to 1 Amp

6-8 Hours Battery Life
•Four-stage battery level indicator flashes when voltage is critically low

Automatic Power Shutoff
•Microprocessor turns unit off after 15 minutes of inactivity to conserve power

Battery Charger Included
•AC-powered battery charger fully recharges the internal battery in 6 hours
•Battery charge LED indicates rapid (red) or float (green) charge status

Rugged Urethane Coating
•Attractive yet rugged polyurethane coating resists water and abrasion

Speaker Stand Mount
•Mounts to standard (1 3/8" dia.) speaker stands using integral "top hat" fitting