Lunchbox Package

Accessory Compatibility

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Lunchbox Package

Main Features

•Lunchbox 660 Powered Mixer
•2 Lunchbox Speakers with cables
•2 Vocal Microphones with cables
•2 Ultralight Speaker Stands
•Wheeled Carrying Case
•List Price $1379

Application Info

The Lunchbox Package is an all-purpose battery-powered PA system designed for outdoor gatherings or ceremonies (weddings, funerals, school assemblies, sporting events) where you need to address groups of up to 500, and play music at moderate levels. The Lunchbox Package is built around the versatile Lunchbox 660, which combines a five-channel mixer with a 60W power amplifier. It adds a pair of efficient Lunchbox Speakers, whose 6½" woofer and horn tweeter are ideal for vocal and acoustic guitar applications. Two vocal microphones with cables are included, along with a pair of Ultralight Speaker Stands to make sure you're heard loud and lear. You even get a duffel bag to hold it all, complete with wheels and a pull out handle for easy transport.

Detailed Specifications

Lunchbox Powered Mixer
•5 Channels and 60W of power in one compact, battery-powered unit

2 Lunchbox Speakers
•Compact, efficient speakers perfect for use with the Lunchbox

2 Speaker Cables
•25-foot, 18-gauge speaker cables with quality G & H plugs

2 Vocal Microphones
•Rugged dynamic microphones with balanced XLR outputs

2 Microphone Cables
•20-foot microphone cables with professional XLR plugs

2 Ultralight Speaker Stands
•Elevate your Lunchbox Speakers up to 5 feet, yet collapse for transport

Wheeled Carrying Case
•Wheeled duffel bag has plenty of extra room for your accessories